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Project Description

In April of 2018 the Walter C. Heinrich Practical Training Site in Lithia, Florida opened a new tactical training tower. Custom made by Tactical Training Systems, the structure was created to allow individuals the ability to improve their skills and learn from different building layouts.

Used by about 240 people a year, the tactical center lends itself to building searches, active threat training, building clearing, stairwell clearing, ascending and descending stairwell clearing. Along with other structures at the training site, the Sheriff’s Office uses the Tactical Training Systems building to provide a different avenue to better prepare students for what they may experience during their daily duties. Other local agencies, including SWAT, HAZMAT and other law enforcement are also permitted to train in the tactical facility.

“Anytime we can provide our deputies or other agencies a resource to learn in a training environment, it is beneficial to them,” says a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. “We want them to learn, to experience mistakes in a controlled environment, and to teach them how to improve their tactics in hopes they will be successful when facing the daily challenges of being in law enforcement. The Tactical Training Systems structure has helped us to do that.

“Our hope is that this training will help our individuals be better prepared to protect and serve their community once they leave a training environment.”