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Whatever your training requirements may be, there is a Tactical Training Systems tower to fit the bill.

Our training systems facilitate tactical training in live action simulations of hazardous situations. Our unique designs allow you to practice entering and clearing buildings, neutralizing hostage-takers, subduing felons-or tactics for almost any conceivable scenario.

Tactical Training Systems are solid, durable structures specially designed for realistic training exercises. Our training systems allow accurate simulation of multiple scenarios and can facilitate:

  • less than lethal projectiles (Simunition┬«)
  • deploying smoke
  • deploying hot and cold gases
  • flash-bang and concussion grenades
  • multi-integrated laser engagement systems (MILES)

The Tactical Training Systems product line offers a wide variety of structures designed to simulate urban environments including motels, apartments, strip malls, houses, and offices. The layout and features of each tower can be customized to your specific training needs. Options include:

  • interior and caged ladders
  • movable and removable interior wall partitions
  • rappelling rings and platforms
  • helicopter skid simulator
  • interior and exterior stairs
  • inset, supported, and cantilevered balconies
  • roof hatches and elevator shaft
  • exhaust fan (to remove smoke and tear gas)
  • smoke generator and distribution system
  • parapet walls and guard rails