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Tactical Training Systems is committed to offering law enforcement agencies and military units the best in tactical training. Our systems are as tough as the training they accommodate. Every Tactical Training Systems model is built to withstand the most challenging exercises. Our training systems feature:


In addition to marketing and selling our tactical training systems, we design and manufacture them too. As the industry leader in steel training systems, we provide uncompromised quality and versatility in product and design. Our staff of professionals will assist your organization with concepts and designs that incorporate all aspects fundamental to your needs while maintaining safety.

Customized Engineering

We can adapt any of our standard tower designs to meet your specific needs. With our experienced in-house engineering department, the possibilities are endless. Many of our customers work one-on-one with our engineering experts to create custom towers.

Site Planning

A well-planned site is the foundation to securing suitable training space. We will assist you in planning your training facility to accommodate all of your current and future training needs.

Funding Resources

Our towers are available through the HGAC co-op. We also offer tower leasing and information on grant funding.

Budget Planning

We understand that budgets dictate many large expenditures including training systems. We can assist you in providing cost estimates, cost justifications, and business planning.

Presentation Tools

To assist you with the development of presentations for local officials or department members, we will provide you with preliminary concept drawings of your proposed tower, bid documents, and specifications. We would also be happy to, at your request, participate in your presentation by offering additional information on the benefits of tactical training, working with Tactical Training Systems, and the tower you selected.

Tower Erection

Tactical Training Systems can provide contact information for erectors who have experience erecting our training structures. These erectors are well versed on our product line, and have experience working with our customers. To facilitate an easy erection process, you and your chosen erector will receive a complete set of construction drawings and manuals. If you choose to erect the tower yourself, our engineering department is available to answer any questions throughout the erection process by calling 800-929-3726.