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Tactical Training Systems is committed to offering law enforcement agencies and military units the best in tactical training. Our systems are as tough as the training they accommodate. Every Tactical Training Systems model is built to withstand the most challenging exercises. Our training systems feature:

Flat Decking Systems

Durable and smooth walls to allow for repelling from anywhere on the building. Decks are flat and can be customized with parapets to minimize the impact on your gear.

Structural Steel Framing

Provides unlimited design flexibility and strength, capable of obtaining any heights, widths, and spans. This allows us to offer the ultimate training structure as well as the smallest practical structure efficiently.

All Galvanized & Hot Dipped Steel

Siding, trim, doors, floor decks, and shutters resist rust for less maintenance and longer life. All siding is painted inside and out.

Roof & Floor Decks Rated 100# Live Load

Our roof deck can be manufactured as either a flat or pitched roof at virtually any angle and still provide the durability and loading characteristics needed to withstand training activities.

Sturdy Welded Stairs

We offer NFPA 1402 and IBC compliant interior and exterior stairs.

Custom Features

Elevator shafts, forcible entry doors, helicopter props, movable partitions, cantilevered balconies, open stories, corner balconies, etc. can be easily added to enhance training scenarios.