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Customer Service's Mission
To amaze our customers by providing fast, friendly, complete, and courteous resolution to all their customer service and technical support needs.

Who can erect my training tower?
How do I select an erector?
Can I erect the tower myself?
If I need replacement parts, how do I order?
If I have questions on the job site, whom should I call?

Who can erect my training tower?
Tactical Training Systems recommends an elite group of dealers who have the knowledge and experience to erect our steel training systems. These dealers service customers nationwide. Contact them to receive a written proposal.

How do I select an erector?

  • First, research each dealer to determine who has the most experience for your particular building design. Also determine their availability and price.
  • Next, discuss key points with the dealer, such as:
    • their insurance certificate (they can provide you with this)
    • "Buyers' Designated Representative", which are the responsibilities of truckload inspections upon delivery
    • payment terms and the customer walk through inspection
  • Finally, select an erector that meets your needs and you feel comfortable with. At that time, notify your sales representative about the erector you have selected.

Can I erect the tower myself?
Depending upon the complexity of the building design, many of our training systems can be efficiently erected by personnel with general construction experience. Consult with your sales representative to discuss this option. Make certain that your insurance carrier covers erection before proceeding.

If I need replacement parts, how do I order?
From time to time, your training tower may require replacement parts. If the need arises, please call customer service at 1-800-929-3726 for further assistance. To expedite your ordering process, refer to your bill of materials for an accurate listing of parts and part numbers.

If I have questions on the job site, whom should I call?
If questions arise on the job site regarding materials and erection, please call our engineering department at 1-800-929-3726 for assistance.

Contact Customer Service
Tactical Training Systems
314 Wilburn Road
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Phone: 800-929-3726
Fax: 866-639-7012
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