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Tactical Training Systems (TTS) Collapse structure is the centerpiece of Regional Emergency All-Climate Training Center (REACT) at Camp Williams, WI. This collapse training structure is the third structure that TTS has designed, manufactured, and installed at the Office of Justice Assistance operated training facility.


The building is designed to create a safe, controlled, collapse structure environment to train the many skills and tasks required for successful, safe, searches and rescues, in such collapse events. The structure is designed to accept roof/floor/slab rubble, and breechable concrete panels, to be loaded onto the elevated work deck, as well as have the similar rubble to be loaded inside the structure. This creates the multi level collapsed structure environment. The tower above the elevated working deck provides a non-collapsed portion of a structure, from which the training will require rappelling, elevated rigging, and vertical retrievals. The structure has multiple horizontal, and vertical breech points, to create access into other areas of the search & rescue training situation. The structure has two observation rooms. These rooms have been designed to allow safe, clean, climate controlled, first hand view of the training operations. The structure has smoke simulation and black out conditions that can be safely implemented to further enhance the realism.


This summer, over 450 fire specialty task force members are receiving 80 hour technician level collapse structure training at the facility. The remaining available enrollment training space is limited for 2007 sessions and 2008 enrollment is being accepted. For more information, or to reserve a training spot in 2008, contact the REACT Center at 608-427-7421.

For more information about Tactical Training Systems and its products, contact TTS at 800-929-3726.