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Tactical Training Systems (TTS) introduces several new accessories to the police and military industries that will enhance department training experiences.

Confined Space Rescue Prop, a 36” diameter corrugated pipe extends from the first floor to the second floor and features a 90 degree elbow for the ultimate in confined space training. The prop is an excellent way to simulate restricted environments including collapsed structures, teach trainees how to negotiate small openings, and test physiological capabilities.

Removable Confined Space Vertical Rescue Prop consists of four movable wall panels and a Milcor floor door. The panels are configured to form a vertical shaft. At the top of the shaft is a 3′ x 3′ Milcor floor door that provides access into the prop from the floor above. The functionality of the movable panels allow the prop to be assembled for confined space training and removed when training is needed in the entire room.

Mortarless Brick Façade siding can be attached to the outside of any TTS training tower. Novabrik® is the approved manufacturer of the mortarless brick facade.

TTS’s Movable Wall System/Maze with Working Door is constructed of the same durable materials as our Movable Wall System/Maze but with an added feature of a 2’6” W x 6’10” H door. The steel door allows entry into the partitioned area for enhanced training. The included lockset allows instructors to secure the area before and after training.

Ideal for high-angle rescue training and free-fall training, the Multi-Level Platform includes structural steel, pipe railing, bar grate deck, and galvanized joists. Each level is approximately 11’-8” W x 21’-6” L and includes a swing door at each upper level. In addition, the platform allows trainees to perform scenarios in a true-to-life open environment.

The 42” high Rappel Railing system consists of three 3″ diameter pipes, which are installed horizontally 12″ on center. The system allows the rope to run from the rappelling ring tie off on the deck, over the railing to the trainee and is used to aid trainees in rappelling exercises by raising the rope off the roof deck to help with the initial descent.

Roll-up Door is a continuously corrugated galvanized steel curtain with a siliconized polyester finish. The door slides on guides to a top drum through the means of a torsion spring. The door aids in the simulation of commercial training exercises through a larger access door.

For more information on the new accessories and TTS’s complete line of training facilities, contact Tactical Training Systems at 800-929-3726.